What should consumers pay attention to online shopping

Pay attention to the following points when choosing online shopping:

First, choose carefully.

Needs to starting from the actual needs of their consumers, if is really necessary, through the network television shopping way to purchase goods or receive services, one must understand to buy goods brand, producing area, price and performance, etc., if the price and the market of similar goods are too wide, will be vigilant, do not covet is cheap and ignores the product quality and after-sales service.

Second, cautious online shopping.

Network consumption, TV shopping to be rational, to keep a clear head, as far as possible to choose regular websites and professional strong, high reputation of the website and sellers, see whether the relevant website has contact information, whether in the website home page eye-catching position publicity “industrial and commercial record number” or “business license electronic link logo” and other information. Pay attention to guard against the network group purchase initiated by individuals.

Third. Terms of payment.

Try to choose third-party payment platform intermediary payment or payment after the inspection of goods, do not directly pay to the personal account provided by the website. When receiving the goods, the goods should be inspected in time. If the Courier requires that the goods cannot be inspected without payment, the payment can be rejected or inspected before payment.

Four Learn to protect their rights

After purchasing goods, keep relevant vouchers, timely report, safeguard their own rights and interests