As a consumer, what aspects of goods do you pay attention to when shopping?

The quality of the goods. The quality of goods is related to the length of the use time of goods, durability is the element of evaluation of general goods. On the other hand, the quality problem is related to whether the product will bring unnecessary trouble to users and threaten the personal safety of consumers, such as the recent Samsung mobile phone battery explosion incident.

The price of goods. Price is a factor that needs to be considered when buying goods, and it can also reflect the grade of goods. The higher the price of goods of the same quality, the greater the cost for consumers. Prices fluctuate around value. You can’t buy a towel for the price of an airplane, for example.

The use function of goods. Consumers should choose goods according to their actual needs, so as to meet their needs. For example, we buy toothbrushes to meet our brushing needs.

Grade of goods. The grade of goods can reflect the class and purchasing ability of consumers, in fact, it is goods to meet the needs of people’s vanity and social status.