Lunges are a compound exercise that is even better than squats, and 10 squats are not as good as 5 lunges. Lunge squats are also suitable for home training, beginners can complete with bare hands, while veterans can perform weight-bearing lunges to enhance the difficulty of training.

So, a group of lunges squat training every day, a total of 100, completed in groups, long-term adherence to what are the benefits?

1. Work your core

Lunges are a very effective exercise that works the core muscles of the body, including the buttocks, thighs, calves and abdominal muscles.

The strength of these muscles determines our body’s stability and sense of balance, and lunges can help us strengthen these muscles, which in turn improves the body’s stability and sense of balance, and will be more explosive when exercising.

2: Improve body posture

Long-term lunge squats can improve our body posture, especially the posture of the waist and lower back. This is because lunges help us exercise the muscles in these areas, which in turn makes them stronger and more flexible, thereby improving our posture.

3: Enhance cardiopulmonary function

Lunges improve blood circulation and help strengthen our heart and lungs. This is because lunges require us to do a lot of aerobic exercise, which can improve our heart and lung function and endurance levels, keeping the body functioning in a youthful state.

4, improve the basic metabolic value

Lunges can increase muscle content, muscle is the body’s energy-consuming tissue, more muscle means that the basic metabolic value is more vigorous, which can help us burn fat and improve obesity.

5. Improve body proportions

Lunges work your gluteal muscles, strengthen your leg muscles, and effectively increase the ratio between your hips and legs, making your figure more curvy and looking better in tight pants.


Lunges are a very practical exercise that can provide a variety of benefits, including core training, improved posture, improved body proportion, and increased cardiopulmonary function. If you stick to lunges for a long time, you will gain more health and beauty.