Hello, everyone! Summer is here. Have you made plans to go to the beach? Xiamen Portman travel guide and swimsuit recommendations are coming now! Let’s explore this beautiful coastal city!

✨ Swimsuit recommendation:

1. Milky yellow sunscreen: This sunscreen is a must-have for summer beach! Not only will it protect you from the sun, but it will also make your swimsuit look even more stylish!

2. Bikini: Girls go to the beach must wear a bikini, show your good body!

3. Short skirts: With a bikini, short skirts can make your swimsuit mix more lively and cute.

4. Suspenders: Suspenders can make your swimsuit sexier and show off your collarbones and shoulders.

✨ Precautions:

Girls should also pay attention to sun protection when they go to the beach! This milky yellow sunscreen is really a must-have summer artifact, cool, comfortable and sun protection, let you spend the summer beautiful!

Summer is here, can summer vacation be far away? Grab your swimsuit and sunscreen, come to Xiamen Portman Travel Guide and swimsuit recommendations, and enjoy this wonderful summer!