When I first entered Jiangnan, I was attracted by its ancient and unique culture. Through the alley, looking back, the SLATE road, moss covered, on both sides of the shop dazzling, exuding a simple atmosphere.

In the small town of Jiangnan, walk slowly along the path paved with green stone slabs, as if back to ancient times, feel the rich historical and cultural atmosphere here. Visit ancient houses, taste the unique charm of classical architecture, and quietly feel the essence of Jiangnan culture.

Lakes and canals are the characteristic landscape of Jiangnan. A quiet river passes through the town, accompanied by stone Bridges, ancient buildings and ancient Wells, creating a simple charm. After the rain, the steaming water lingered on the river, as if separated by a layer of light gauze. In the evening, in the misty rain, the water is connected with the sky, reflecting the mysterious and beautiful colors.

Here, in addition to taste the ancient architecture and culture of Jiangnan, you can also taste the authentic Jiangnan food, which combines traditional skills and local products, delicious and delicious. Fish tank meat, loofah egg soup, Nanjing stir ball, squirrel Mandarin fish, Shanghai onion cake, etc., let people enjoy.

The misty rain of Jiangnan deeply touches everyone who comes here, and you will feel the simple and pure Jiangnan culture here.