How to lose weight? Do this with your diet:

1, give up all kinds of milk tea, carbonated drinks, drink more warm water, more than 2L a day;

2. If you like to eat sweets, you can eat sweet potatoes instead.

3, eat with a small bowl, so that you do not consciously control the intake of food;

4, adjust the order of eating, eat a cup of water or a bowl of clear soup, eat a few mouthfuls of high-fiber vegetables, and then eat other high-calorie food;

5. Avoid midnight snack and afternoon tea, and finish dinner before 20 o ‘clock.

Get rid of the habit of not eating breakfast, eat breakfast on time, can open the body metabolism. Breakfast can drink a cup of soy milk, with a boiled egg, low in calories, the feeling of satiety is strong. Start new life from now,make yourslfe more better!