The hot summer days creep in,

I always think of elegant French women.

Their romance is etched in their bones,

Fashion sense seems to be innate,

There’s a lot going on.

Comfortable, easy to wear, easy to imitate French style,

It’s about being casual, lazy and natural,

Just what we need this summer.

French style, comfortable and natural beauty

Famous French designer Sarah Linh-Tran

Once described the French style in this way:

“The French seem careless,

Not too hard, but very chic;

This is not only a knack for choosing clothes appropriately,

It’s a wisdom about character, behavior and what to wear.”

French style dress elegant and gentle,

Without losing individuality and freedom,

With an appropriate sense of delicacy,

Strike the right balance between soft and casual,

Satisfy female to languid lazy and elegant pursuit.

Casual sense, is the essence of French style,

It gives a feeling of effortless,

Not stuck to a fixed tone,

Sometimes sexy, sometimes laid-back,

It brings together all the attractive features of a woman,

Make your outfit more sophisticated and classy.

But where the French style really strikes,

It’s actually more than just dressing up,

And the constant pursuit of beauty by French women.

Their beauty is real and fearless,

One’s own, never lost the way,

Because they are the trend.

French style beauty,

Maybe not at first glance,

But there’s nothing pretentious about everyday dress,

Full of fireworks, comfortable and natural.