Lose weight = reduce fat, reduce body fat rate of a few tricks, let you succeed down!

1, eat three meals regularly, cook by yourself, three parts of meat, seven parts of vegetables, food to low oil and salt, light cooking method;

2. Don’t be afraid to eat meat. Take some of chicken breast, fish or lean beef with each meal to provide your body with high-quality protein.

3. Replace all kinds of beverages with warm boiled water and drink 2L warm boiled water every day to improve the metabolic cycle level of the body;

4. Strength training 2-3 times a week, such as push-ups and squats, can exercise the major muscle groups of the body and improve the basic metabolism value;

5, 3-4 times a week aerobic exercise, such as jogging, aerobic exercise, playing ball, swimming, rope skipping training, promote fat decomposition;

6. Focus on body fat percentage, not just weight. Of two people of the same weight, the one with the lower percentage of body fat looks thinner. 24% body fat for girls and 20% body fat for boys is the norm. What’s your body fat?

From now,be better of yourself,show your perfect body,enjoy happy life!