Push-ups This action is very familiar to most people, and the number of push-ups also determines a person’s health index.

If an adult boy can not complete 20 push-ups at one time, it means that the health is not up to standard. If you can insist on push-ups for a while, the number of push-ups will also increase, and there will be some good changes in yourself.

So, 200 push-ups a day, step by step to improve the difficulty of training, long-term persistence, what will their own changes?

1: Physical changes

Long-term adherence to 200 push-ups a day can effectively enhance the strength of chest muscles, arm muscles and core muscles, make the body stronger and healthier, and make the body line better.

At the same time, insisting on push-ups training also helps to improve body posture, such as spinal deformation, muscle strain and other problems, effectively reduce the pain of the waist and back, and shape a straight and upright posture.

2: Psychological changes

Insisting on 200 push-ups a day can also release stress, drive away negative emotions, help you boost self-confidence and perseverance, and make people more confident and determined. Through the push up training to constantly challenge themselves, effectively improve the ability to see pressure, so that people become more brave and determined.

3: Life changes

Long-term adherence to 200 push-ups a day, not only can change the physical and psychological, but also can change the lifestyle. By exercising and improving self-confidence, getting rid of inertia and becoming self-disciplined, people can face life more positively and healthily, thus achieving more success and happiness.

4: Health changes

Long-term adherence to push-ups training can promote blood circulation, improve the three high problems, promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent osteoporosis, effectively improve bone density, improve the body’s flexibility and health index, away from sub-health diseases, so that you can keep young.

In short, 200 push-ups a day can lead to multiple physical, mental and life changes, making people more healthy, confident and positive. Therefore, we should stick to fitness exercises and enjoy the good life brought by health and success.